Rooftop Insulation Paint


Rooftop Insulation Paint

It is a product with enhanced weather resistance and adhesion that is applied to the outside of buildings and has an excellent heat-shielding effect on direct sunlight and also has an excellent effect on preventing dew condensation.

Characteristics of COOL-TECH PAINT

• Excellent heat insulation and prevents dew condensation
• Resistant to seasonal/temperature changes
• Excellent adhesion to various surfaces such as PU waterproofing and concrete.
• Helps save cost and energy by reducing the temperature of a building.

Recommended Use

• Rooftop concrete floors
• Rooftop PU coating
• Concrete exterior wall
• EIFS top coat
• In/outside coating for cold-storage
• Others requiring thermal insulation

Physical Properties

Heat block test on aluminium surface exposed to direct sunlight

COOL TECH PAINT Paint A (white) Paint B (grey)
Temperature 17.6 22.5 24.9
Heat block - 6.8 - 1.9 - 0.5

Light bulb heat block test on glass

COOL TECH PAINT Paint A (grey) Non-coating
Front Temperature 35.3 44.3 44.6
Back Temperature 35.3 43.1 43.5